Tinder in Finland: women and men

One of the best websites I discovered this year was Tinder na Suecia. The story goes like this: a Spanish man from Galicia went to Sweden, and his friends back at home asked him how the girls on Tinder (the app for meeting people available on iPhone and Android) in the Nordic and Scandinavian countries are. Instead of describing them, he went the smart way: he made screenshots. Genius.

Ever since I saw that website I thought: I should do the same for Finland. And this is what I bring you in this post.

What is Tinder?

For those who don’t know this app, this is what it does: when you want to meet people from the opposite (or same) sex, you can create a profile on Tinder. After that, you choose the people you are interested in and how far away from your location they can be. Age-range and gender are additional settings you can tweak. The app then starts showing you profiles that match your settings, and you can say if you like what you see or not.

I saw you on Tinder
Sometimes you see someone on the street and you think “I have seen this person on Tinder”. Source (CC: by)

I find this idea brilliant in terms of how it solves certain problems.

Meeting people in parties or events can be complicated. Gathering the courage (if you are shy or are not used to it) to start a conversation with a stranger, talking to someone you are not sure is available or is looking for the same things as you, the possibility of rejection… many things that can be uncomfortable. Tinder has simplified these problems in a brilliant way.

Tinder shows you people that you can assumeare interested in meeting people, and signaling that you like that person (from his or her photos and the optional personal description) is as easy as saying “yes” or “no”. If two people chose “yes” about each other then – and only then – they can chat with each other and the rest is up to them. Simple and without any of the complications mentioned above.

I haven’t used the app myself, but I know many people who use it regularly. I think if there comes the day that I need an online tool to meet a lady, Tinder will be the one I use.

If someone is interested in a Tinder-like app for gay people, the most popular equivalent is called Grinder, although you can use Tinder as well.


Some Finnish ladies.

Tinder in Finland

Following the lead of Tinder Na Suecia, here comes the Finnish version, gathered with the help of Big in Finland’s friend and collaborator @Yprum.

Unlike the site about Sweden, I preferred to remove names and descriptions to enhance privacy. If someone recognizes themselves in these photos and wants them taken down, I’ll do it promptly: send me an e-mail through our contact form.

These are the settings we chose in our search: profiles for men and women situated 50km around Yprum.

Tinder in Finland

Let’s start with the Finnish girls. If you want to go directly to the “men’s section”, just click here.

Tinder in Finland: women

A couple of things before starting off: You will see many Finnish women with dark hair. Although in Finland there are plenty of blondes, they also like to dye their hair black.

You can also see the traditional cap that Finns wear during Vappu in some pictures.

Tinder in Finland: men

Is Tinder better for you in Finland or in Sweden? How good looking do you think the Finnish men and women that are featured in this post are? If we talk about other countries, I got some reports that claim that in Spain it doesn’t work that well and that it works great in Berlin because there is all kinds of people (thus, making your type easier to find).