About us

Here you can find more about who runs Big in Finland and why they like Finland so much.

The main writers of Big in Finland are:

Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernández

I created Big in Finland 7 years ago, when I went to Finland to study my Erasmus year.

This blog was my attempt to keep family and friends updated about my whereabouts. With the time many people interested in Finland found and came back to the website regularly.

I decided to make this blog more informative for everybody who loved Finland: those who live or want to live there, those who want to travel to Finland and experience the country, and the ones who love the Finnish culture. I write always relying on my experience in the country.

I live currently in Berlin, Germany, and work on Online Marketing.

Martín Waldman

Martín Waldman

Martín is a true traveler. He loves to experience new things and places and that is reflected on his always good mood, knowledge and whole being.

He is the editor and curator of the English version of Big in Finland. And not without reason: he has been writing about travel and travel destinations professionally since years. I – Santiago – am humbled and honored that he writes on Big in Finland.

He also takes new projects on editing, writing, and translating. Contact him to get a pro.