Moomin Christmas Episodes to watch during December

The Moomins, those endearing Finnish trolls created by Tove Jansson, had their own TV series long ago. In Finland – and I know outside Finland too – their episodes are classics.

Moomin cartoon
My kind of Moomin.

So, now that Christmas and winter are next door, there are a few episodes that, because of their theme, are perfect to watch at this time of the year.

We have looked for them in Youtube and we bring them to you today. Of course, they can be found in more languages on Youtube, if you are interested, including Finnish – the language of Finland.

I’ve put them in chronological order. Here they are.

Chapter 21 – Snufkin leaves the valley

Synopsis: A new winter is at hand and Moominpappa and Moomin are collecting wood to keep the house warm during their hibernation. Moomin feels very sad that Snufkin will be leaving on his long annual journey. Moomin tries to get his parents to let him join him, but Snufkin says no. He needs time to himself. Moomin goes to bed sad, but Snorkmaiden cheers him up by showing him something very, very special.

Chapter 22 – Moomin and the Little My’s Adventure

Synopsis: For no particular reason Moomin wakes up in the middle of winter and can’t go back to sleep. This is unheard of. He is unable to wake others, and finally, trembling, he makes his way out into the dark and unknown whiteness. Moomin meets the Little My who has woken up even before him, and Too-ticky who lives in the bath house. He meets the invisible mice, who also stay there during the winter, and almost meets the Lady of the Cold, the most fearsome of all winter’s manifestations.

Chapter 23 – Visitors in Winter

Synopsis: Moomin and Little My have finally settled into their winter existence, living on Too-ticky’s fish soup and Moominmamma’s jelly, of which there is fortunately plenty. One day Mr. Brisk arrives, a very friendly and jovial person, who likes cold baths and igloo baths. He likes Sorry-oo very much, a very shy dog who only dreams of running with the wolves he hears every night howling in the Lonely Mountains. He considers them his brothers, but unfortunately they are not… Mr. Brisk finally leaves, having consumed the last jar of his favorite jam (and Moomin’s).

Chapter 36 – Christmas is coming

Synopsis: The Moomin family has already begun to hibernate when it is awakened by a busy Hemulen who tells them that they can’t go on sleeping when Christmas approaches! The Moomins have no idea what Christmas is (being smart enough to sleep throughout the winter), but they are told all the preparations that need to be made before Christmas arrives. They do what they can, and they wait, and they wait…

Chapter 37 – The Midwinter Bonfires

Synopsis: Waking up in the middle of winter, Moomin decides to show Snorkmaiden what winter is like. On their way out, they discover that most of their firewood is gone. Walking around they find that someone has used their logs to build a huge fire on a cliff. Too-ticky, who is fishing under the ice as usual, tells them that it has been built by invisible winter beings to greet the return of the sun, which will show a small piece of light the day after the bonfire. However, the festivities come to a sudden end when the Groke appears.

Enjoy these Moomin chapters! What is your favorite chapter (or book)?