Weekend in Budapest: a little guide

A few weeks ago I went to spend a few days in the capital of Hungary, Budapest … and I loved it. In this post I tell you what we saw in Budapest in a weekend (a long one, three days).

And although we love Finland in Big in Finland – that’s clear -, we will also start talking more about other interesting places we are traveling to. There will be this too on the blog from now on.

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The Hungarian Parliament seen from the Fisherman’s Bastion

Hungary and its language: the Fino-Hungarian roots

I always wanted to visit Hungary, because of its idiomatic connection with Finland.

Hungary’s language is Hungarian, which comes from the same root as Finnish before they both diverged in separate languages. And although I paid enough attention to see if I could connect something between both languages, I have to admit that I couldn’t do it.

In any case, I did discover a new destination that I liked.

A weekend in Budapest isn't complete without a visit to the St Stephen's Basilica
From the dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Budapest.

Traveling to Budapest: less CO2

Thinking about how to travel, lately I have one more factor in consideration: how much CO2 the means of transport of my choosing emits. So, we took the night train – night cabin with bed! I had not done that since my first Interrail with 18 years – to cover the distance between Berlin and Budapest and arrive in the morning. If you are interested in the subject, I wrote a post about knowing and / or offsetting your CO2 emissions.

Budapest – Keleti Station

The Budapest Card: perfect for moving around in a weekend in Budapest

Before leaving we contacted the Budapest city tourist office to learn more about the city. They provided us with a pair of Budapest Card to move around the city without stopping all the time to buy transport tickets for subways and trams (included in the card), something we thank them from here. If you are interested in discovering the city without complications, this is the website where you can get one. We got the the 72-hour one, which you can get for € 43 (you also have it for 48 hours for € 33 and 24 hours for € 22), which is not a bad price for the time you save and everything that includes. If you are interested in knowing more, this is their website.

We used it, for instance, to go to the Lukács Spa (included), move up and down the city with transportation (also included) – with these two things the card has practically paid for itself – and to have reduced admission into several of the city’s monuments and sights. It also includes two two-hour walking tours that will cost you zero, one for the Buda and one for the Pest side of the city (no kidding: that’s what the two parts of the city are called, separated by the Danube).

Apart from all that, you can see the places that accept the card (free activities or discounts) in the following image. Click here to see it full screen.

Budapest Card: places of acceptance
Places of acceptance of the Budapest Card

In the following posts we continue telling you what we were doing in our weekend in Budapest and what we liked the most. Including: areas to stay around the center, what to eat and drink, the Spas and resorts and recommendations of a Hungarian gentleman. This is the next post.

And you, have you been to Budapest? Go ahead and add your tips about Budapest in the comments!