Light in Winter VS Summer in Finland: a time-lapse video

Time lapse is an image technique that compresses a long period of time in a short video. It is usually done by taking pictures every x seconds (or minutes), that are then played in order, creating an accelerated and gradual effect. Thanks to this technique we can see things like a flower blossoming or how the Northern Lights move in the sky.

Light and darkness in Finland

Now that we are approaching the spring equinox – where the days and nights last the same amount of time – there is no better time to see the difference in the amount of light that bathes Finland in summer and in winter. I contacted the person who recorded the video and he told me that the location is Helsinki and the time of the winter video is January, while the summer part was recorded at the beginning of June.

Having lived both extremes, and that being something new for me the first time I was there, I must say that every year – even with more experience in the matter – I still get surprised myself. I do tend to enjoy the winter less, but on the other side I brighten up so much more than before during the months that the light is in the sky for almost 24 hours a day.

The time-lapse video about the light in winter vs. summer in Finland

It is an excellent document to understand why spring revolutionizes the people of Finland. You will see why they lighten up so much.

Have you ever lived such a dark winter? And what about a summer that bright? I close my eyes right now and remember how I lived the White Nights, those moments where the sun sets but stays right there on the horizon and then comes back up. It is the most invigorating feeling in the world.