Top 7 Instagrammers in Finland

Instagram has given us great moments. For me, it is a great way to see life at this moment in different parts of Finland. Through it I have made awesome connections, like the day I met the person who included us as the only recommended blog in the Lonely Planet of Finland (ES), and many more. So I thought: why not showing you who are the best Instagram accounts in Finland?

How to find the best instagrammers in Finland

In this post we follow the methodology that led us to conclude which were the top 10 Finnish bands. In this way, we use popularity as a measure of “better” (and we let you decide if they are or not: tell us in the comments).

On that occasion, to build the top-10, we were guided by number of Google search results to find out which bands were most talked about. HIM dominated.

Let’s face it: it is a very instagrammable photo of our previous trip.

This time we will be guided by other tools, since Google is not a good way to search for instagrammers from Finland (based and creating content about the country). The tools we found – if you know a better one, tell us in the comments – are myus and influence. Here they come.

Finland’s best Instagram accounts

#0: Big in Finland‘s instagram account

Ok, it is possible that our one isn’t the best, but now that we have reached 1000 followers (we started late the account), it seemed a good time to present it on the blog. Follow (if you want) Big in Finland on Instagram if you haven’t yet!

Photos of travel in Finland and around the world await you there.

And now, for the really followed and popular ones, here comes the top-7. One note: the accounts are of people, not institutions like the country’s tourism office.

1.- Marianna Mäkela (181K followers)

A Helsinki fashion blogger is the number 1 on the list. She shows us a new look every day in instagram, and her fans are definitely responding. A few days ago, for example, she showed us these Balenciagas (hey, I may not be a fashion blogger, but it seems to me that after June almost no one wears this style any more!).

2.- Virpi Mikkonen (165K followers)

Virpi (we do not know what Finnish city she is from, since it is not shown on her Instagram account) has achieved her impressive number of followers with eye-catching photos of healthy food, most of them with a recipe included. Here is a tasty example

3.- Mikael Sandberg (161K followers)

This Finnish man from Espoo is mostly known for his YouTube channel. But definitely one can say his Instagram does not lag behind in terms of popularity and large number of followers. In this account he shows photos of his different activities and trips (while leaving the Vlogs for YouTube).

4.- Natali Karppinen (117K followers)

Natali is a Finnish photographer from (and based in) the capital of Finland, Helsinki. She defines herself as a conceptual art photographer, and that is what she shows us on her website. However, her Instagram is more focused on portraits like this.

5.- Sandra Hagelstam (89.7K followers)

This Finnish actress uses her Instagram account to show us fashion and trips in which she participates, mostly. And beauty products and tips, as the following (funny) picture shows us.

6.- Piia Tuuli (82.2K followers)

Piia is a Finnish interior photographer. In her Instagram account she shows us different Finnish houses from inside, and also some lifestyle photos. For example, this is a photo of a great looking Finnish house.

7.- Sofia Marof (76.1K followers)

This young (and so young!) Finnish girl from Tampere is perhaps the youngest fashion blogger in Finland at 6 years old. Or, at least if she’s not the youngest, she is the one with the best age/ followers ratio in the country. Her account is manged by her mom (who also appears with different items in some pictures). Sofia shows us what she is wearing and provides links so that we can purchase the items directly. As in this photo.

And that’s our list. If you like the topic you can browse along the tools linked above in the blogpost ( as they list up to 1000 Finnish instagrammers) and perhaps find your new favorite instagrammer from Finland.

What is your favorite Finnish instagrammer? Recommend it in the comments!