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Reindeer in Helsinki: where to see them?

Those who travel to Lapland have it easy: they are everywhere, but to see reindeer in Helsinki you have to know where to look. And that’s what today’s post is about. Feeding a reindeer. Source (CC: by-sa) Reindeer and Finland The reindeer is the animal of Finland. The Finns even have that unique sign that warns you on the roads that you are entering an…


Gordon Ramsay in Lapland: eating reindeer meat

We already talked about chef Gordon Ramsay trying Finnish food for the first time. I already said in that post that they should have given him some reindeer meat to try. Dishes with this kind of meat have always been my favorites of the Finnish cuisine. A reindeer dish. It looks amazing. Source (CC: by) And that’s what they have done this time: Ramsay went…