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Plovdiv: what to do in a weekend

We arrive in Plovdiv in the morning from Sofia. We left our things in the AirBnB (See: where to stay and how to get around in Plovdiv?) And we went to the first of Plovdiv to see: the Kapana district. Kapana: the center of Plovdiv to see and feel “Kapana” means “the trap.” Its name comes in its form: they are small and labyrinthine streets…


Plovdiv: the ancient city of Bulgaria

Cities – and buildings – with millennia of history have a given something. That is why I haven’t been to the US yet. There everything is a couple of hundred years old, at best. Monuments are made to look old instead of being old. Built with modern techniques instead of inventing techniques to make them. Of course, I am spoiled about this topic it because…