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Northern Lights forecast and predictions

A trip to the far North doesn’t guarantee that you will see an Aurora Borealis – even though some places are better than others in Finland, and at certain times you can see them better than at others (late winter and early autumn are especially good). Is there a way to get a Northern Lights forecast or predictions? In the following image we can see…

Best moments to see the Aurora Borealis in Finland

Not long ago we talked about the best places to see the Northern Lights in Finland, map included. In that list of places Lapland was the top choice, since it’s the northernmost area of the country and lies north of the Arctic Circle. Nonetheless, knowing the best places alone is not sufficient to hunt down the Aurora Borealis. There is another factor just as important…

Best places to see the Northern Lights in Finland and Lapland

“I want to see the northern lights”. Been there, said that. But is it really that straightforward, even in Finland? Hardly. We’ve dug through the info and numbers, and hereby present the best places to see the Northern Lights in Finland and Lapland. The topic isn’t a light one for lots of people; it’s an important question since it can be the crowning event for…

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