Letters from Santa Claus: he starts charging in Finland

Some time ago we wrote a post about how to send letters to Santa Claus and his address in the Finnish Lapland. And we commented that one of the great things about that system was that Santa himself responded to you and it was free. Unfortunately, Santa Claus has begun to charge for writing back.

Lapland: the place where Santa Claus lives

Santa Claus and Finland

As we all know, Finland is Santa’s land.

There they call it “Joulupukki”, which literally means “Christmas goat”, and comes from an ancient tradition.

The Finns are very fond of this man and in Lapland, where he lives, they make Christmas a big thing. They take it seriously.

The Santa Claus village in Lapland
Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Source (CC: by-sa)

In Lapland we can see for example three Santa Claus attractions, including the best known: the Santa Claus village. In the village you can visit the Arctic Circle line, the post office, and the good guy in person, who is available to chat for a while and have a picture taken for a fistful of Euros.

Santa starts charging for writing to you.

But the photo once you were there was the only thing the nice guy charged you. Until now.

Santa Claus with kids
Santa, chatting with some small visitors. Source (CC: by-sa)

A commentator of the post on the letters warned us: from 2019 it is no longer free to receive a letter from Santa Claus, but the price will be 8.90€.

Diligently we began to find out the details, and they are as follows. As you can read on the website of Posti (the Finnish Postal service), it seems the person who tipped us off was correct. The new payment card can be ordered in any of the 13 languages you speak (English included, of course) and will be personalized, addressing the recipient (the lucky boy or girl) by name. At least, the Posti guarantees that it will arrive before Christmas – according to its website.

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It is a pity for all of those who have written to him up to now. Regardless of financial status, anyone would receive a letter response from Santa Claus in their home. At least the service has not closed completely, but it is definitely a pity that it has changed in this way.

And you, did you send a letter to his address in Lapland and he replied? What do you think of this change of policy?