Fun maps of Finland and Europe, by Europeans

Some time ago we spoke about Finnish physical stereotypes and those of other European countries through maps.

If the idea you had of Finns is that of naturally blonde people with blue eyes, you were right.

Therefore, when I saw the following maps, I just had to go back to the post on stereotypes. This time, and on these maps, Europeans were asked about what they think of other countries, and these are the answers to those questions.

The fun maps of Finland and Europe that Europeans made

These maps and results allegedly came out of Reddit Europe, but I have browsed extensively and I couldn’t find the original voting, so you can take these results with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, since they are interesting, we will give them a little validity. The source of the images is imgur.

What European country has the worst accent?

French people has the worst accent of Europe

We know that the Finnish accent can be quite funny – if you want an example, check out the video of Markku from Finland -, but the Europeans have decided that the worst accent of them all is French. I’m not going to contradict them, but I like the French accent while speaking English and how they add the “ehhh, you know?“, every few sentences.

Which European citizens are the best looking?

The Swedish people are the best looking

It is true that Swedish ladies always had the fame of being good looking – although Finnish girls have told me in confidence that their sun tan is from solariums and they dye their hair, and therefore aren’t natural beauties. Regarding the Swedish men, some Finns have told me that they look – how to put it – “less manly” because of how they dress and their preference for grooming. These things are of course an exaggeration – I’m sure not all Finns believe this about their neighbors – but all these things I’ve heard from them.

Anyways, Europeans seem to like, democratically, Swedish people the most.

Which European citizens drink more than any other?

The Russians like their drink their most

If you’ve never been in a Nordic or Scandinavian country, you will find the concept of the Alko, a state-monopoly store for the sale of alcoholic beverages, surprising. In any case, the Nordic alcoholic beverage consumption pales in comparison with the Russian, Irish, German and British. What’s your opinion about these results?

Besides your own, what’s your favorite European country?

Germany is popular

Germany – the country I currently live in – wins big in respect to all the other European countries, and is followed by Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. Central Europe wins in this question, whereas Finland is the last one of the Nordic Countries, led by Sweden. Why do you think it is like that?

Which country is your least favorite?

Not cool, Russia.

The Finnish neighbors, the Russians, are the “winners” here… if we don’t count Vatican City, the most hated nation of Europe. We won’t talk about Vatican City, but we did have a fun time visiting Russia from Finland (a country from which you can visit Russia without a visa). Could it be Putin’s leadership and his attitudes towards homosexuality and Ukraine? Finland, with just 9 votes, is one of the least hated countries.

And the last question: Which country has the worst sense of humor?

The counry without laugh

This explains why some Germans find me hilarious.

What do you think of Finland after seeing thse maps? Where do you think it should be higher on votes, and where lower?