Most frequent Finnish words

It is widely known that the most important thing for learning a language is the method you use. A method that will take you the farthest in the minimum amount of time is learning the most frequent words of a language. To help with that for the Finnish language, here it comes: the list with the most frequent Finnish words.

This list was compiled by Finnish translator and teacher Ursula Ojanen. Amongst other things, she translated the Kalevala and many works of the Finnish author Arto Paasilinna into Spanish. She was also the main force behind the teaching of Finnish in Madrid, where she has taught the language since around the year 1980.

Without further delay…

The most frequently used words of the Finnish language

If you detect some mistakes (it could happen as the original was in Spanish), please let me know in the comments and I will quickly correct them.

1. ol/la: to be
2. ja: and
3. se: it
4. ei: no
5. joka: which
6. hän: he, she
7. että: that
8. tämä: this
9. mutta: but
10. saa/da: must, have to11. kun: when
12. niin: so
13. kuin: what
14. tul/la: come
15. minä: I
16. voi/da: can
17. kaikki: all
18. ne: they/them/those
19. me: we
20. myös: too

21. he: they
22. aika: time, enough
23. toinen: other, second
24. jo: already
25. nyt: now
26. vain: only
27. suuri: big
28. vuosi: year
29. pitä/ä: keep
30. teh/dä: to do

31. sitten: then
32. mikä: what
33. tai: or
34. muu: other
35. sano/a: to say
36. sinä: you
37. hyvä: good
38. anta/a: to give
39. asia: thing, affair
40. kuitenkin: however

41. vielä: yet
42. itse: (my, your…) self
43. uusi: new
44. ihminen: man (human being)
45. maa: country, land
46. oma: own, private
47. men/nä: to go
48. näh/dä: to see
49. mies: man (male)
50. jos: if (conditional)

51. päivä: day
52. nämä: these
53. moni: several, many
54. mitä: what
55. suomi/Suomi: Finnish/Finland
56. otta/a: to take
57. sekä: and (thus)
58. sillä: because
59. sama: same
60. vaikka: even though

61. kaksi: two
62. alka/a: to start
63. paljon: many
64. lähte/ä: to leave
65. tässä: here
66. lapsi: child
67. pieni: little
68. mieli: the mind
69. käy/dä: to go, to visit
70. tietä/ä: to know71. osa: part, part of
72. jää/dä: to stay, to remain
73. kerto/a: to count
74. eräs: one, a (article)
75. poika: boy, son
76. yksi: one
77. työ: work
78. käyttä/ä: to use
79. kuulu/a: to belong, to include
80. jokin: some, one of the

81. pääs/tä: to reach
82. käsi: hand
83. näin: thus, this way
84. hyvin: good, very
85. vanha: old
86. koko: size, the whole
87. jälkeen: after, after the
88. kanssa: with
89. aina: always
90. silloin: then

91. ensimmäinen: first
92. tapa: way
93. sana: word
94. vaan: but
95. tunte/a: to know, to feel
96. juuri: just
97. kirja: book
98. nuori: young
99. tie: way, road
100. katso/a: to look

101. mukaan: according to, by
102. suoritta/a: to perform
103. sellainen: such
104. tapahtu/a: to happen
105. maini/ta: to mention
106. eri: different
107. esittä/ä: to present
108. jumala: god
109. kysymys: question
110. ennen: before

111. koska: why
112. siis: therefore
113. siellä: there
114. saatta/a: to accompany
115. joutua: need to be
116. puoli: half
117. tarvi/ta: to need
118. kuva: image
119. elämä: life
120. tällainen: such

What is your favorite Finnish word in the list of the most common words? Is there one you know you use a lot but that is not in the list? Share it in the comments.