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Salmiakki – the Finnish salty liquorice

One of the 12 ideas we gave you as a 100% Finnish Christmas present was Salmiakki, one of the food quirks of Finland. What is Salmiakki? Salmiakki isn’t a candy per se, since it isn’t sweet. This Finnish liquorice is known by different names in the other Nordic and Scandinavian countries, but in those countries I never saw as big a level of devotion to this food…


Crayfish party – the end of summer in Finland

I recall my first crayfish party, two years ago. My host was a great friend from Sweden, where this kind of party originates. Later on, I learned that it is also a Finnish tradition, and that it’s something that simply can’t be missed if you want to have a self-respecting Finnish summer experience. What’s the party about? Read on. Decoration for the Crayfish party Source….


Sahti, the traditional Finnish beer

Shopping for something to drink in the Finnish Alko – the state-owned shop for alcoholic beverages – is usually expensive. That’s why “social drinking” in Finland doesn’t really happen the same way as in other countries. But with the growing popularity of the microbreweries these days, it’s a good time to talk about a true classic: the traditional Finnish beer, Sahti. A pint of Sahti….