Fazer Mignon: the most Finnish Easter egg

Easter in Finland has different rites and traditions that are unique to this part of the Nordic and Scandinavian countries. Today we are talking about the most Finnish Easter egg in the world: the Fazer Mignon.

Fazer Mignon egg
Continent and content of a Fazer Mignon. Source (CC: by-nd)

The Finns: they have a sweet tooth

Fazer is Finland’s quintessential chocolate and candy brand. Since the master chocolatier created his brand, Fazer and Finland go hand in hand. The brand is so important that the “Fazer Blue” chocolate is considered the most Finnish object in the world by many people.

That, and the fact that Finns consume about ten kilos of sweets per year. It is thus not surprising that Fazer is one of their favourite brands.

And now that Easter is coming, Fazer Mignon is the icon of this time in Finland.

Fazer mignon box
One of your packs of Fazer Mignon eggs in egg cups. Source (CC: by-nd).

The one and only: Fazer Mignon

A real egg shell filled with chocolate. That’s the Fazer Mignon, which is the company’s second oldest product. It was created by Fazer himself, when he imported his recipe from Germany. This was in back in 1896, and since then this Easter sweet has been a classic of Finland’s Holy Weeks.

Every year 2.5 million of this Finnish egg with a German recipe and a French name are sold (“mignon“, as I remember from my student days, is “handsome” or “pretty” in French). The children peel it like any other Easter egg and take a few good bites as it is completely filled with chocolate. Almond-nut chocolate, to be precise.

pure chocolate egg
Peeling the chocolate Easter egg. Source (CC: by-sa).

The price of these Easter eggs in Finland is between 3 and 4 euros (some years ago they were more or less half the price) per egg. They are somewhat expensive because it is pure chocolate (it is not hollow and filled with air that is inside as in many other eggs and chocolates) and they are handmade in the factory in Vantaa. This is the process of their creation.

Have you tried any Fazer Mignons? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.