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Big in Finland is now in English

It has been a long journey.

It started when I moved to Finland around 8 years ago, in 2005. Since then, the original Big in Finland in Spanish has grown bigger than any blog or website about any Nordic country in Spanish language, and probably bigger than just the blogs, reaching the popularity of some official pages.

The origin of Big in Finland

The original intent of Big in Finland was to tell my Spanish friends and family how was the life up there. I talked about life, culture, events and the things that interested me from this fantastic country.

White nights in Finland
Events, culture and life like the white nights.

Many visitors that found the website have been joining the Spanish Big in Finland community during these years, and thanks to them the Big in Finland website is bigger.

But life is different now. And also bigger.

The new website: Big in Finland in English

I have many more international friends now, and all of them told me they’d love to follow the website too.

Not only that: some of them have lived in Finland, and some others or someone they know will be going to Finland soon. I know they’d enjoy reading this website as well and because of that, the new Big in Finland in English can be useful to a broader audience.

And, of course, English is the first or second language for most people on the planet. By having the website in Spanish and English we can reach almost everybody. That is an exciting perspective and we are sure new friends can be part of the Big in Finland community thanks to this.

Finlandia Hall
The Finlandia hall, in Helsinki.

The content

I said it above: Big in Finland started a long time ago. On its beginnings it had plenty of valuable information for Erasmus in Finland and everything that was great on the city I was living at: Joensuu. It featured as well experiences of a young man moving to another, far away country to live and study.

After I left Finland my passion for Finland didn’t get smaller, and I write about the things I like about the country. I try as well to answer the questions that pop in my mind about Finland (for instance, you can see my post in Spanish about “When is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Finland?”).

I feel the content is valuable and that’s why it will be similar, and encapsulate both the old days of living as an Erasmus in Finland and my new perspectives and trips to the country. I believe this will be a nice balance for the website, even if chronologically isn’t accurate.

The content will be adapted and many times translated from the original Big in Finland in Spanish, although Some Spanish-specifics might be left out. For this challenge, doing the website in English, I count with the help of a kick-ass editor, translator and travel writer with a great deal of years of experience: Martín Waldman. When you read awesome things on Big in Finland in English, you know he penned it. If the English is not 100% grammatically correct, it was probably me who wrote it.

And what about the social part?

For the moment we are keeping our Facebook page as it is: we’ll combine English and Spanish. Facebook allows posting specifically for people who speak one or other language, so we will have one Facebook page, two languages, and you will only see on your timeline the posts of your language. Neat!

You can follow us on Facebook here.

Big in Finland on Facebook

Regarding Twitter, we’ve created a new one for the English language. You can follow us here if you want, and chat with us via Twitter. At the beginning it will be me the one who writes back.

This is a new beginning, and we are happy to be able to share more of Finland with more people. If you want, you can contact us to help expanding the content with collaborations, we’ll be honored.

Let it all begin.