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A letter to Santa Claus: how to do it and his address

When you want to write a letter to Santa Claus, you have to take into account that he is a busy man. We all know he lives in Lapland, specifically in Rovaniemi, where you can go and visit him in his office. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in their Lapland house. Source (CC: by) If Lapland is too far away for you this year, but…

Light in Winter VS Summer in Finland: a time-lapse video

Time lapse is an image technique that compresses a long period of time in a short video. It is usually done by taking pictures every x seconds (or minutes), that are then played in order, creating an accelerated and gradual effect. Thanks to this technique we can see things like a flower blossoming or how the Northern Lights move in the sky. Light and darkness…

Valentine’s day in Finland is all about friendship

No gifts, chocolates or flowers for your partner on St. Valentine’s day if you live in Finland. Almost. It works like this in the Nordic (not Scandinavian) country: on Valentine’s day you’ll be looked at suspiciously if you make a great love gesture to your significant other. In Finland, the 14th of February has very little to do with crushes, couples or people in love….

Nordic VS Scandinavian? What’s what

When it was time to decide where I was going to travel to for my Erasmus – Sweden or Finland – it didn’t cross my mind that one of these countries was Nordic, while the other was Scandinavian. What a thing to look back upon! In my mind the terms Nordic and Scandinavian meant the same thing, and if there were nuances about their use,…

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